Bullying Pre-Production


Being bullied in my eyes can be embarrassing, humiliating and emotionally painful. Bullying belittles a persons character, kills there self-esteem and confidence. I would say it is a way of a person letting out there frustration and bother. A bully would seek on a weaker person that they believe wouldn’t retaliate in a threatening way. Bullying can last for years and could really change a persons life possibly end it. There are many different ways of bullying.

Verbal bullying – this is such as name calling, being put down, being threatened and sexual harassment.

Physical bullying – this is being attacked or having belongings taken, stolen or damaged. Also in sexual abuse

Social bullying – having rumors spread about you, being left out or ignored from a group

Physiological bullying – being secretly stalked and pranked or given a source of intimidating behavior

Cyber bullying – this is verbal bullying via internet or phone by sms or social networking sites

Bullying can take place at home, work, school, community center, play area, church more or less anywhere! It can lead to people committing suicide, taking life threatening acts, turning crazy, becoming depressed, missing school classes, dropping out, taking days of work and not attending social events.

69% of children in the UK report bullying.

87% of parents report their child being bullied in the last year

20% report bullying others

85% witness bullying

Bullying can effect three people in three different ways. The victim, the bully and the witness to the bullying.

The Victim – Bullying can drive this character to depression, anxiety, sad, feeling hopeless and lonely. This could lead to loosing interest in there hobbies and taking part in activities. Poor academic achievements, dropping out of school and these issues can consists throughout adulthood.

The Bully – Bullies tend end up taking drugs and alcohol. Get into fights vandalize, engage into alot of sexual activity. Be abusive to there partners, kids and adults.

The Witness – Witnesses could gain mental health problems, suffer from depression and anxiety. Also take drugs and alcohol.


Sarah – 16 – Student from London, UK.

Sarah is slim, blonde around 5ft3. She’s a quiet, shy and kept well to herself. She goes secondary school where she is bullied. She is picked on everyday by a group of friends in class about the colour of her hair and her nose. She don’t tell no one and keeps it all to herself and hides the sad feeling she holds. She begins to loose confidence become insecure and finds it really hard to express herself. At home she keeps herself to herself. She stays in her room most of the time only goes to the kitchen for food and occasionally watches TV in the living room. She tries to make different hairstyles to improve her look tries new ways to better her appearance. The bullying continues in fact only gets worse. She gets into a mental state of serve depression and starts cutting herself. She hates herself, cries at night and acts suicidal. She finds it hard to tell anyone her problem as she feels she will be laughed at or judged. Everyday in school these bullies make it an objective to verbally put her down one way or another which plays with her mind subconsciously. No matter how hard she tired to better her look it didn’t stop the bullying…

How to Stop Bullying

Telling someone about the bullying like a close friend, family member can help solves the issue

Informing the manager or head teacher about bullying would help solving the issues

Going for therapy counseling programmes will help

Seeking help from others is best to do and ignore the bullies as if you give no reaction to the bullying it will often make them stop and leave you alonce


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