Case Study

Task 1 – Men in Black

Men in black is creating a big buzz before its release. There is a video game coming out on PS3 and X Box 360 consoles based on the film before its release. There is also a app game coming out on android for smart phones before its release. A rapper by the name of pitbull has made and released a soundtrack for the movie. All different marketing skills used to promote the Men in Black 3 in my opinion is brilliant. There is enough to feed of the film for the fans. iPhone and blackberry users can play the game edition. Console gamers can play the game online with friends, enjoy and battle over high scores etc. Pitbull fans can sing along with him to the soundtrack which they will be hearing non stop in the trailer which will be advertised on there TV.  Alot of money and time has been put into this film which I believe will pay off by the games and music. It can really get people talking and make it a word of mouth special.

The audience of the Men in Black 1 will be the most egar to see the new one. The  old films have had great success in the past. In 1997 when the first Men in Black came out it was so big and done well even I as a little kid went and saw it. Fans from then and also Josh Brolin and Will Smith fans are the target audiences. They will have the curiously in seeing the actors work and following the sequel of the Men in Black who save eachother and the world from aliens. Sci-Fi fans are also a target audience for the producers of the film.

It’s being released worldwide at around the same time its maybe 2 or 3 days different in some countries but not much of a wait for all of us internationally. This is good in the sense that when its watched and reviewed individually by viewers to there friends and family its easy for them or who ever it is worldwide to go and watch it.

Task 2 – Addicted – Our Film Idea

(Below is the cover of out film)

(Below is the presentation of our pitch)


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