Assignment 1


My article is based on a plane crash in Nigeria. Written by a reporter of Times of India. Appeared on Jun 5, 2012, 04.52 AM IST. On Sunday 3rd of June 2012. 153 passengers were killed in a plane crash in Lagos, Nigeria. There was an additional 40 bodies found dead on the ground either they were nearby on the streets or in the building the plane crashed into. The engine of the plane had failed to work, the pilot had sent emergency signals before the accident indicating a problem on the plane. There is a current investigation happening trying to find out the cause of the crash and any bodies undiscovered. The aircraft was of Dana Air.

Names of people mentioned and job roles

Harold Demureen – Country’s civil aviation

Rani Malik – Consular officer of the Indian high commission

Mahendra Singh Rathore – Indian co-pilot

Goodluck Jonathan – President

Names of locations mentioned

Lagos, Nigeria

Saudi Arabia

Dates mentioned 

Jun 5, 2012

July 1991

Names of organisation or companies 

Dana Air

Central Bank of Nigeria

Nigerian Airways

Indian high commission



The plane crash has seemed to have left misery in Nigeria. The flight was from a county in Nigeria to the captial Lagos. on board were Nigeria passengers an american pilot being assited by an Indianian co-pilot. There is a lot of heartbreak in the countries mentioned for the losses of friends and family. The Nigerian President has announced that there should be three days of mourning.

There is still investigation going on trying to figure out all the confusion to the reason how and why this accident has happened. The owner of the airline hasn’t been mentioned in this article but the President has said there will never such thing in Nigeria again.

Assignment 2

Recess Presentation


Pitch Report

Diversity: My product will apply to a wide audience especially adults as many have to overcome debt.

Disability: I will also take an insight on how the disable people
deal with debt collectors and all its troubles.

Health and Safety risk: There is no real risk with our health and safety. The only risk of our safety is getting too personal with a victim of debt that may cause a reaction out of them.

Cross genre ideas: There are various genres of debt some could be from work, gym memberships, house mortgage etc.

Subject matter: I will be looking at how members of the public deal with debt. I will gain a lot of different techniques people use to overcome there debt issues. I will also get an insight into how debt collectors deal with there losses and how they handle there victims in debt.

Approach: I will produce my product by writing a newspaper article

Possible cost: Mac computer (£1,649.00) – Dell Laptop (£299.00)

Equipment needed: A Camera, Mac laptop or Pc, Microsoft Word, Photoshop or Illustrator

Locations needed: A office or Internet cafe

Actors needed: Interviewees (Debt collectors/ People in debt)

Product selling point: I will be reaching out to people who are suffering from debt

Assignment 3

Your ideas process

I was given a brief by my teacher on crating a film trailer. It had to tell a story and not just random clips. I was given the matrix full movie to covert into a trailer. I straight away thought of showing stunts, fights and conflicts to make it exciting. Showing the process of the fight and battle in the film from the beginning to end.

The type of research carried out

I watched the film and also skimmed thought certain interesting clips to know the story and to pick out key parts. I also watched a numerous amount of film trailers, I tried to watch a lot of Action, Adventure and Sci-Fi trailers as they were the same genres of the Matrix.

What was learned from the research and how the research was used?

I learnt that having a full understanding of a film you will covert into a trailer helps a big load. By watching the whole film it helped my creativity and helped me with choosing what I want in my trailer. I also learnt by watching other trailers how to use transactions, sound effects, music and how it all adds up to create a cinematic feeling.

What equipment was used and how it was used.

The equipment I used was a iMac. I use Final Cut Pro an editing software. This is how I cut and paste clips into my trailer. Plus on this accusation I also used youtube to collect my theme music.

How I can improve on my pitch 


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