Factual Programme Production

My chosen documentary

Pharrell when I was 17 MTV (Documentary)

Broadcasted by PharrellYessurr

Length – 5.17 min

URL – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gejQpbrqoJQ&feature=related

This documentary is about Pharrell who is a Singer-Rapper/Actor/Producer. It is a throwback documentary of his lifestyle when he was 17. It features a few friends and Pharrell himself as they talk about what he used to do, what he liked, what he disliked.

At 17 he bought a motor vehicle and used to ride it around with a friend all around his town in his spare time. He loved to go and shop in a place called 7 Eleven it was his favorite store. His favorite sport was skate boarding he used to spend a lot of time skating. His favorite music artist was Rakim he was a fan and had a great passion for his music, he would always talk about him. His used to watch MTV quite a lot he would always watch MTV Yo Raps whenever he could.

At 17 he worked at Mc Donalds. He didn’t like it he found it hard getting up in the morning and opening up. He hated the chores so he was seen as lazy to employers he burned food and stole food from them. He was fired from three different Mc Donalds all for the same reasons. He was also in a music band he went on tour with them performing he was their top bass player.

This is a documentary profile on Pharrell’s past so we get a better understanding of who and how he is the man he is today and what motivates him towards his future.

Written Analysis

The key element of the documentary

There are many elements in this documentary that some it up to be as great as it is. There is a good amount of voice over, narration, still image, sound effects, music, silence and blank screen used. The editor had done a great job bringing theses various elements to the forefront. The voice over has a key part to play in any footage it helps viewers know what’s happening or what’s going to happen which is important. Narration tells us extra information we need to get a better understanding of what were watching. Still image in this documentary is great because we are looking at the past tense of when Pharrell was 17 and images at that age helps us see as well as being told. Sound effects are a good indication of a new scene in the documentary it’s used for like a new chapter of his life. It is also a good use when interviewees would swear. The silence creates a form of tension which is a good time out effect. The music is used when shown old music Pharrell made we hear a little recap to notice the change he has made from then till now. It also adds a good feel of tension to the documentary. The blank screen is a way of pausing the entire documentary as is good to keep the tension from the viewers going.

The key issues within the documentary

This is a profile documentary on a music artist. We see how he strives in the music industry to become the musician he is to date. The documentary shows us still photos and a brief insight to his daily routine working as a musician. We acknowledge his inspirations and how he got on to making his hobbie he’s way of income. After watching and reviewing the profile documentary I now know the issues Pharrell dealt with being in a band as a drum player. He worked extremely hard daily practicing with his band and he loved it.

How the main subject is represented

The main subject is Pharrell Williams’s day to day life at 17. His life is shown brief and effectively. We see what he did for a living, what he used for transport, where we hanged out in his free time and any extra actively he got up to. There was a scene on each topic of his life in the scene we will see a interview from Pharrell also from a friend, maybe some still images for memory to create a clearly picture of what they are talking about. There is a scene where were told Pharrell loved his motor bike we see a still image of his bike and a still image of his area, shops and parks so we get visuals of where he would ride his bike. There will also be a clip of a interview of his friend talking about how Pharrell loved the bike and where he would ride. We will also have Pharrell talking about how he felt and used his bike at 17. There is a good representation techquine used which really brought out the aim and subject of the documentary.

The aim of the documentary

The documentary appeals to all Pharrell’s fans. All ages interested in music will find it worth watching, also if you’re into fashion as Pharrell is involved in both industries. The documentary gives you a insight into the graft he had as a youngster before all the success he has in full effect. Anyone trying to become successful could use this as a good tool to motivate them.

How the technology has informed the aesthetics

The visual style is up close and personal. Most of the shots if not all of them are close ups. I could guess they are used by a tripod because the camera is steady. The questions asked in the interviews are anticipated and important to viewers so it’s close for facial expression and to catch the emotion. I like the way the interviews and questions are divided up and the timing they are brought in. The director keeps the viewer locked on by the pace that the documentary he keeps it moving and turns Pharrell’s life at 17 into also a movie. The pictures are used well for ex. When they describe how Pharrell loved his bike


Of the

Blackberry Life


By Eli Mulla

We done research on blackberry’s before we made the actual documentary.  We chose to do it on blackberries because we believe they are the most popular phones and we see them everywhere everyday it will be a relevant documentary to watch. As all of us in the group have blackberries so we can bring our own ideas to the table.

Firstly we had a discussion on what we would have in the documentary. We decided to have people of the public, students and teachers to be interviewed. Whether they had a blackberry or not we wanted to understand their reason for having one or reason for not having one. We thought of what type of people we would like to interview. We said we would ask working businessmen or women if they had the blackberry phone and if yes if they used it for business. Also we said we would speak to students teenage boys and girls and find out there main use on the phone and why. We wanted to understand why teachers or other staff members in our college would use their blackberry and see if it effected their job.

Secondly we made questionnaires and survey based on blackberries. We then had done research on blackberries and how they effect the world. We found out about there faults and how it affected them business wise. Last year their BBM system broke down worldwide it was stressful and dreadful for everyone. We found about there sales and how they are doing business wise to add this into the documentary for extra information for viewers.

Thirdly we got to recording we got some cast interviewees to be interviewed. We went around the college and videoed people interviewed them to get the most we can out of them. We got teachers and students. We also improvised a little acting scene of me and another student. I am pretending to ask her for her blackberry pin. We decided to do this because its reality boys ask girls for their blackberry pin 9/10 times. Plus it will be entertaining and good for the documentary to see some acting.

My role was to create the instrumentals and effects for the sound in our documentary. I believe I done a good job using Logic Pro to make a song from scratch, I took my time and used my musical skills to make the best song to suit our documentary. I used sound kits in the sound library on Logic Pro. I think my work was a success my group was really happy with the outcome. I produced two instrumentals for us. Plus picked out some sound effects and recorded sound effects to sync into the video footage.

I feel good with the final product of our documentary assignment. As a collective my peers and me collected good tracking shots, panning shots, focusing in and out, interviews and still images. We got a good variety of shots long, medium and short shots. The final product came out well we covered our objective of finding out why people have blackberries and if not why not.

I like the way our interviews scenes cut in and out of each other.  How when the still image shows up the sounds play of the blackberry phone. I like the little discussion we have where two students debate on why they use a blackberry.  I am very pleased of the documentary but if we were to make our it any better. I would like for the pace of the scene transactions to be faster. Less duration of some still images also some interviews that last for too long showing on a pause in a conversation. I would also add an acting scene we had were me and another student acted out us exchanging blackberry pins. Apart from that I wouldn’t change anything else.

Finally we started to edit the footage we had and put the documentary all together. We done the budget we would need. We did a contact list and treatment to finalize the documentary.


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