Film Reviews

The Kid

The fact that the 90 year old film ”The Kid” is produced to such good standard is remarkable. I find it hard to follow as it is old but once you watch and get into it the film catches your full attention. There is no dialogue what so ever which makes it more astonishing that it drags you in by the background music. Knowing they couldn’t add voice over’s on top of the acting means the acting had to the speaking and it dose exactly that the editing is sharp like the tip of a pencil. The text helps with telling the story. The story of the kid is given to you in good detail.

The kid is stolen from the back seat of a car and left on the road wrapped around cotton. a tramp finds him in a alley way and trys to get rid of him till he couldn’t find anyone to look after him he decided to raise him himself. They get into fights and police chases together you see the man he grows up to be.

My only I dislike in the movie is the fact that the music is played throughout which i found annoying.

Overall I like the movie apart from the sound the visuals is entertaining the quick edits keeps my eyes guled to see what happens next. It ain’t the best movie ever but it had me hooked so I give it my recommendation.


The animated film ‘Perseopolis’ is unique. I felt it was from the beginning minute i saw it. I found it hard to follow and enjoy in the beginning as i assume it would be completely boring. The little girl is brought up in iran where the scene are in black white which i believe represent the dull life she has. She is a clever out spoken girl with alot of knowledge and bravery. After sometime she is send to a different country to continue her education. She is then brought into a complete in life. Shes alone, free and wild when she is there see socializing more, makes alot of new friends and even finds love.  After sometime comes across problems and becomes really homesick and returns back to iran.

Overall I didnt really enjoy the film i found i had to force myself to pay attention. I liked the pace of the film and the change of colour in the animation. The why the editor would zoom into Maji the little girl whenever she was shouting or making a point i found really good.

4 Lions

Four lions is a comedy film of four Muslim friends who are terrorists in London. Its a UK based film of four men who aim to be suicide bombers, when actually watching the film you would think its a joke because there all seem to be very stupid. there a lack of common sense in the group and direct as they seem to go aimlessly around London. they make a few ideas of ways to bomb and one when terribly wrong near to the end where they accidently bomb there friend. Overall I didn’t like the film it wasn’t my type of comedy. I found it hard to take serious or keep focus when watching. I wouldn’t watch it again and would recommended it or give it a good review.


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