IFT Advertising Campaign

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This page contains all my designs for the advertising campaign I have made for the IFT’s  Vision Shorts. I have used  Illustrator and Photoshop to produce my designs.

This is the front cover of the DVD.

This is the DVD disk cover.

This is my back cover of the DVD.

This is my moodboard.


IFT advertising campaign proposal the aim of the campaign is to raise awareness by doing a radio commercial. We done the radio commercial to tell people what Film School In A box is really about. We thought it was a good idea because it’s a great way to advertise the campaign and there is a range of different audiences.

We are also doing a
-DVD cover

-Radio commercial
-Raffle ticket

We think the radio is an affective because a lot of people listen to the radio so we think it’s going to be a good way to broadcast our message.

We are also producing a DVD cover to project a visual image of the IFT and to raise awareness to their aims.

Race: black Asian Turkish white

Age: 13-19

Gender: males

Income: students

Crime music: artist rapping about street and sex is very influential to many young men.

We believe there are three main reasons why boys join gangs:

1.They feel pressured into joining gangs.

2.They feel it’s a way to impress girls.

3. They just follow their friends.

Our group have decided to give out the DVD for free because; students hardly work so wouldn’t earn much money, and the money they get they wouldn’t want to spend it on a DVD that they don’t know. Also, we think it would be a good way to promote.

We have decided to hand the DVDs out in places like community colleges for instance hackney community college and we have chosen to hand it out in shopping centres for example new westfields, west end. This is because a lot of youths go places like shopping centres. Lastly we are going to make sure we have 16-19 year olds handing out our DVDs for example me and my group as, we will be able to relate to the young people.

By: Adrine, Portia, Claire, Eli and Carlton


Me and my peers Adrine, Claire, Portia and Carlton .Were set a case study for the ITF Independent Film Trust.

We researched on them to get a better understanding as to what they do, how they do it and why they do it. There website came as a good tool to find all this information out.

I found out what they are. What they have achieved and done and how they make there money to still run etc.

I and my group went on to making a school film in a box. I designed the front cover, cd disk and back cover. It took around two hours to make and it got a positive response. I used illustrator and Photoshop to make it. We then went on to making questionnaires and giving them out around the college to gain feedback on the work opinions on what was liked and what could of been done better. Some people said our design was good and eye catching and interesting and some said the complete opposite like it was boring and plain and simple. I think we could have used our teachers, friends and classmates to give opinions whilst we were making the designs to gain a more positive feedback. My group also made raffle tickets and we got good feedback from them people said they was good a professional looking but I wasn’t in at the time because I was off sick.

We made moodboards getting different logos and pictures from various media companies such as ITF, BPI and Film Four etc. we got each companies screen shots around each other so you can see there colour scheme. We also made raffle tickets for each one to carry out there colour scheme and get a better understanding on what a colour scheme is.  After understanding colour scheme I found it much more easier to make the tickets. We made it using Google and illustrator.

We made our presentation on the trident. This was with my previous group before we split up it was Sabrina, Adrine and Yamour. We looked on there website and similar websites about knife and gun crime we got video clips of people talking bout life in prison how they got there. How long there serving and ways to prevent being in there shoes. We read a lot about what the trident do and how they run. After we got all our thoughts together and created the presentation. We knew our target audience and what we keep them interested and what really will shock them and catch all there attention to make a difference in there way of living. What the viewers needed to know that they may not know or be told to find out.  We made around 9 slides on the effect the trident have. What they do to cut down on crimes on the streets. We find out they visit schools, colleges and youth club to reach out to as much youth as possible so we know they are a strong force.


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