Task 1 – Secondary research

Secondary research is gathering information on the originator, the people behind the scenes. It is about getting information, knowing who is making it all possible. It is usually presented on a word document, presentation or diagram. Examples of secondary research are Newspaper Articles, Books and Magazines.

Above I have screen shot of a newspaper article about fiance. It is a good example of secondary research. After reading this article I have found out about a problem a customer had with Nationwide Bank. It’s informs you with what her problem was and how it was solved. The article was written by Margaret Dibben on Saturday 26th May 2012. The company her topic is about is Nationwide Bank.

Another secondary research

I done secondary research on a TV Programme called Resess. I made a power point showing my research. I used information on my IMDb to find out about the programme.

Below I have a PowerPoint presentation gathered from the IMDb website. I found out when and what channel it was aired on, how many episodes and series, who created it, the target audience, the characters in the show, the structure of the programme, the style of language style and how many episodes in each series.


Task 2 – Media companies and there research

for this section i will look at BARB, Channel 4, Pearl and Dean to explain what type if research they use and why

1st Barb

The information given is presented by using quantitative research. We can prove this because it contains figures, but we are not able to understand the thoughts and feelings.

The above image explains who barb is as an organisation and explains it’s research activity. We can tell from the above image that Barb gathers infomation on different TV Channels, what programmes are being watched, when the programmes are being watched, the types of people watching the programmes and the times of viewing. Barb will hire other compaines to carry out some of its research work. Barab gathers its data for commerical purposes and is sold to other TV compaines and advertisers. The work of Barb also helps non commerical broadcasters like the BBC justifying its funds by being able to explain its viewing figures.

2nd Pearl and Deal

The information given is presented by using quantitative research. I can prove this by the stats given of the top ten films for week/month. There are sectoions of films for families, males, females and blockbusters. There isnt any opinions given or any sort of criticism.

The above images explains how pearl and dean work. They are an advertsing organistation which advertise all around the UK in cinemas such as Showcase, Empire, Apollo, Movie House and more. They adversite film trailers in these cinemas and such to promote there brand. Pearl and dean have workers who make there reseach on films. They provide us with infomation on the released date, genre, price, director and the brief of the story. A poll on the target audience with thier age and gender so can see what type people the movies aimed for. Also a trailer is added to get a preview of the film.

3rd Channel 4

Channel 4 is a television company. They make soap operas, dramas, news programmes, documentaries, films aswell as other things.

The research carried out on the channel 4 website is variate on different departments of there company. There is e4, channel 4 news, 4oD and film4. I’ve decided to do research on film4 and find out what it is about.

Film 4 is a channel on all digital TV which shows a wide range of films. On there website they show times of the operation. They tell us the type of films to except such as British film-making, US independent films, Hollywood blockbusters, mainstream drama and comedy, guilty pleasures, foreign films and cult cinema. They also make films they have a production company and create there own movies.  We are not informed on there feedback and progress and successes. We are not shown any stats or figures that film 4 receive.


Task 3 – Career – Music Producer

1. Qualifications/Skills Required

Music producers will need certificates or degree in the following songwriting, composition, music production, sound engineering, musical history or theory.  A great skills for all producers to enhance is playing an instrument. A piano is a perfect instrument to play, practice and master as it is the main composition tool.

2. Work Experience

Work experience would be in a recording studio. Working along side a band/artist and sound engineer. The job role will be contributing ideas to the music creative input into songs.

3. How to get work experience 

A good way of finding work for a music production is applying online. A simple Google search could lead to work there are various vaccines all over the UK.

With sites such as:

4. Salary 

$20,000 to $1,000,000 potential annual earning

5. The best university 

The top 3 universities for music are Oxford, Cambridge and Bristol.








Are you interested in music? Do you want to really become an music record producer? Hello, Hi I’m Eli Mulla and I will be informing you on what it takes to become an music producer.  


It is good advise to start off with learning how to play any instrument. I would recommend a piano. It will be very helpful as it is the main composition can produce any sound now on modern computer software. You should naturally have a love for producing and compose with passion.

In order to get qualified and have a good looking CV. Do a college course plus  summer internships get as much certificates as possible. Going to a good university will be of good help you CV as well as knowledge.

Finding work experience/interships will lead to paid jobs in record companies. Working experience will help you learn what is excepted of you and how to go about your business. Working and networking with different people can also help you become recognize and promoted to others within the music industry. This popularity could lead to jobs and contracts.

It is also recommend to work with a band or artist. This is a god way of promoting yourself by making instrumentals for artists who ever listens or look ups there song they can see your read and do there on research on your work.

Your salary comes from record sales. The success of a single or album is how you are paid unless you are given and advance contracted payment for a particular project.


I hope I have come as a good help in outlining what it takes to make it successfully in the music industry as a music producer. Thanks for taking the time to listen over and out. Eli

Task 4 


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