Scene Analysis

Scene Analysis of Eastenders

In this scene in eastenders there is a couple having a conversational in a local pub. They have a wedding to discuss and a baby shortly arriving…


Here we see Micheal meet with Janine in the pub. We see on of the pubs waittress carrying a plate. We get a shocked/puzzled look from Janine as she scares up at Micheal.


As Micheal takes his  seat comfortably next to Janine we see her flick her hair backwards giving viewers the imperession isn’t interested in seeing or talking to him.


He begins to talk to her about there wedding and telling her his plans and how he feels about it.  He we see him talking into space expressing himself to her. By the look of his face he looks ambitous and serious as he talks.


Here we see her to looking furious as he finishes speaking she dont look happy with his words. She then says in the scene that there weddings off which I guess explains the experssion on her face.


Here is a different expression from Janine she  seem to be giving micheal abit for a sarcastic look. We can again get the impression she isnt interested in what he is saying.


She looks asif she is about to giggle or laugh it dont feel like its happy one more like a tired fraustred one. Micheal has a still image composed striaght looking directly at her while she is smurking.


Here we get more body language and we she Janine strugg her shoulders and raise her arms its lookign like she is shouting she seem to be frustrated. Meanwhile Micheal has his legs crossed composed calm and relaxed as he listens.


Micheal is seen here touching rubbing Janines belly. He seems to be smiling at her while she looks quite inscure and unhappy with what he is doing. We can tell what there talking about has somthing to do with there baby because he is feeling her bump


At the end of the scene she is seen here eating a sandwich looking dead at Micheal with a still expression.


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