Short Film

Short Film Script

Short Film Evaluation

In novemeber 2011 our class was given the assignment by our teacher Mark to create a short film. It was to be a couple minutes long with 6 sentences dialogue. At first I was excited with the assignment I couldn’t wait to make a short film for the first time. So we picked our groups of 5 and begin planning.

On the first day of discussing the film as a collective we had alot of ideas thrown on the table. We turned down alot of potential concepts. We finally decided to base the film on a hidden relationship.  There’s a boy and girl in the same class who speak to each other online by emailing and even texting and get along pretty well, however they don’t have a clue they are speaking to eachother. The girl realizes who she is speaking to and confronts him in the end.

After we got an idea of our film we then give each other job roles to turn this idea into a product. My job was a  actor, permission and equipment list.  So at first we got stuck with the paper work getting all we need together before filming.

Then we got started with the filming done a few out of college shots of just the college and a random house but the rest was in college premises. We filmed scenes in the classroom and corridors. The filming to a good 3 weeks to completely be satisfied plus we lost alot of good footage. I found my job as an actor exciting and fun at first but after repeating scenes I got bored really quickly.

Once we finished filming we got onto the editing and finalizing the film. We did this individuality. I found it hard to do using Final Cut Pro. I found myself asking for help most of the time and lost interest in the editing. In the end I did complete the my film and I’m pleased with myself. I added a instrumental I made and dragged it on the movie and it when well together completing my film.

My weakness in the making of this product was my acting. I believe I could of done a better job. Also my editing I think I could of spent more time editing and learning more effects I could add into the film.

My strength was making the easily learning the script. Plus dressing appropriately to my character.

Overall I think it was a good educational experience and I learned alot from it. I can take the skills learnt and apply it in another short film.


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