Video soundtrack – Planning

How I will add sound to my chinese movie is using logic pro to edit sound i will record of a microphone. I will request to use the radio studio room during lesson to get a clear vocal sound. I will need some props to make the sound seem real rather then using my voice. I will get a bottle to make a clinking noise for when people get hit in the movie. I  will use newpapers and rub them together for the part where theres a man being dragged all around the floor. I will use my voice to make little screams to make it seem as if the actors are hurt in the movie. Also punch my fist in my palm to add a kick sound effect to make the hits sound dramatic. On logic pro I will use the sounds in the library to make a soundtrack for the background. I will intend to use strings, kick and snare to create an intense instrumental to go with the action in the movie. Also on logic i will use some an asian drum kit add an chinese effect to the movie. I will use the sound effects on logic pro to make it seem more movie like. I will be using Non- diegetic sounds to make the soundtrack for my chinese movie. I will be producing own so I not be copywriting any samples from anywhere else but myself.

Sound in moving image – Assignment

Picture and sound in this day and age come as one. It is rare to see moving image without sound. There are various devices where you can see moving image with sound such as Film, Television, Internet, Phones, Tablets and Amination.

Sound plays a huge part in film. The feeling, emotion and mood sound brings to the moving image is spectacular. In the trailer of red tails we get a feeling of the atmosphere from the sound. The use of voice and dialogue  in this trailer is dynamic. I believe it was record in a studio in a booth and sync in with the moving image. It is very clear and sounds as though there was effects used. There is great charisma in the voice overs well projected and spoken which boosts viewers concentration.  In this video we get a similar affection from the use of voice. Loud, clear and direct. The music give the greatest impact in the trailer as the instrumental builds up our moods connects with the action. The use of drums and strings are effective as they give feeling and mood to the film. I must have been composed to the moving image on a music production software such as Logic or Reason and was edited to the film. There is a great use of diegetic sound in this film. Sound effects, voice overs and music in the background. The three combined together gives the greatest impact  of the movie. It gives away emotion and feeling making viewers feel involved with the action of the film. Giving away the core meaning of the product. The only non-diegetic sound is the narration. It is a great aspect of the film and guides us though what we are seeing. Giving us insight and information into the characters and events in the film.

I am going to talk about the sound in the moving image of this tutorial video of the ipad 3. Here we have a good use of  diegetic and non diegetic sound by voice, sound effects and music. The presenter in this video speaks in a relaxed tone, in a fast pace and with emotion. He gets alot of news out fast like a BBC news reporter plus you can here  emotion in the tone of his voice when he emphasis a particular aspects of the ipad 3 product. He seem to raise his voice when explaining the newly added  features within the product. The sound effects in the video are like a signal when changing scenes to when he is speaking and it changes to a diagram  or still image it brings diversity and re-attracts the attention of the viewers. At the end there is what i believe to be a commercially available track playing which is fast tempo, rock genre, new school and club type style. This builds up anticipation and excitement for viewers who are interested in the product advertised


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