Sticks & Stones


Short Film
 [INT]  - Bedroom - Midday

From a birdseye view shot we see a 20 years old man. Sitting in a empty room on his bed. There are cans of beer, empty packets of crisps and dirty plates used plates all surrounding his bed. His bed is messy the sheets are half on and the duvet is rounded up together on the left side of the bed. He’s drinking a full can of K beer rapidly. His eyes are bloodshot red, hes hairs a mess and hes in his boxers.  Here is Samuel

[INT] – University – Morning

Early morning we see a long shot of Samuel in his classroom. He is seen speaking to friends in his class while the majority seem to be taking notes paying attention to there teacher. He is playing on his phone with headphones on scrolling though music. He shows no interest in the lesson. The teacher looks at him doing his own thing but she plays the blind eye. After class he heads down to the library with withing the university to do some work. He is with a few of friends and is just chatting away. He attempts doing work putting on a serious face researching for his assignment. Around 30 minutes after he decides to leave and tells his friends he is going home.

[EXT/INT] – Streets/Studio – Evening

Samuel leaves his university and heads home.  While walking down the main road he meets a long time friend and they chat away. They talk about what they are up to and what they are doing. His friend invites him to a local music studio and Samuel follows. They walk towards a cab station and get a cab to the studio. They then get out and head inside the building greeting people already in there. Samuel puts on his music on the computer and get in the studio booth to record. After recording he waits while a producer mixes everything down for him to go.

[EXT/INT]  – Home – Late Night

After his session he thanks his friend for the session and tells him hes going home. He calls for a cab to pick him up and drop him home. 5 minutes later Samuel is in a cab on his way home. He arrives home at 11pm and greets his mother. She isn’t happy with the time of his arrival and decides to have a go at him for coming in late. Samuel looks tired as if he is about to drop down to the floor and sleep, whilst his mother is stood before him with a serious look on her face shouting at him. She tell him he must be in at a decent time on weekdays and he just agrees to everything she says.

[INT] – Bedroom – Morning

Samuel wakes up at 11am friday after a tiring sleep. He rubs sleep out his eyes as he yawns and gets out of bed. He looks at his phone to see a text saying ‘where are you’. He then realizes that he is late for university. He takes a while and hesitates on whether to turn up or not. He’s mum randomly walks in his room and see’s him sitting on his bed staring into space. She asks him why he isn’t in university. He says he feels ill and don’t feel well. She then accuses him of lying. She tells him he isn’t serious about his law studies and isn’t going see though the course. She speaks in a loud angry tone. Samuel keeps quiet and listens. She leaves slamming his door, then he beginning to daydream taking his mums words in. He decides to get ready and go to university.

[EXT] – Streets – Midday

Samuel is seen walking outside his house locking the door. He walks up to his main road and waits for a bus.

[INT] – University – Afternoon

Samuel arrives in to university and bumps into his teacher. He asks him why he hasn’t been in the morning and lectures him about his progress in the course. He looks very serious when talking and don’t leave no time for Samuel to speak.  He tells him he is warning to get it together for the first and last time otherwise his is history. Samuel keeps quiet as he is speaking and tells him he will change, with a half hearted look on his face. Hes teacher dismissing him tells him to be in his next class.

[INT] – Libary – Afternoon

Samuel is seen going into the library. He takes out some books and starts to read and take notes. He looks extremely focused while study. He works for hours reading and taking notes. He is then randomly greeted by a friend in uni. His friends full of smiles and begins to talk to Samuel constantly. He invites him to a party later on that night and insists that Samuel goes with him. Samuel is hesitant at first but agrees and calls it a day for his studies. He tells his friend he is going to go home get ready then come with him.

[EXT] – Streets – Evening

Samuel heads home exchanges oufits and heads back outside his house. He rings his friend telling him he will meet him at his house. Samuel arrives taking bus and they both jet off to the party on the tube. They get to the party and it is crowded they stand in line of the queue waiting to get in.

[INT] – Club –  Evening

Samuel and his friend make it into the club. They head straight to the bar and start drinking. The order drinks and hit the dance floor and start dancing. Samuel starts dancing with girls and he begins to feel tipsy. He orders more drinks and drinks and drinks and goes back onto the dance floor. He is continues dancing then accidentally bumps into a bloke. The guy didn’t take it lightly as pushes drunk Samuel to the floor. Samuel stumble as he gets up shouting at him calling him a coward. Samuel returns to the bar barley able to speak and orders another drink. He drinks it fast and then his heads spinning he is slowly approaches the dance floor again and then out of nowhere pukes all over a girl. The girls boyfriend approaches Samuel and punches him flat out on the floor. Samuel then beings to black out and cannot see anything.


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